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Our goal then and now is to provide excellence quality product and service to fulfill our clients need.

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​Gaharu Lestari Resources Sdn Bhd had been registered on 11 August 2014 located at Sungkai, Perak. This company started at 2008 but upgrade to Sdn Bhd 2014 focusing from seedlings to product development.

Vision: To be No.1 Agarwood company in Malaysia starting from seedlings, plantation establishment, oil distillation and agarwood downstream products. Dynamic and competence.

Mission : Provide quality, fast and flexible services to all clients that connected with the company. Customer satisfaction is always our priority. ​

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Our specialization

Our company specialised  on many part of agarwood product and services.


Oud Oil Distillation

Agarwood distillation – oud oil and oud chip


Agarwood Innoculation and Organic fertiilizer GAHARU

Manufacturing & Distributing

Manufacturer and distributor for agarwood based products such as Tea, Coffee and Soap.

Lestary Dropship Program

This program is to help those who want to do business but lack the capital.


Consultation on agarwood plantation establishment

Gah Tea Distributor.

We are currently launching a distributor registration for those interested in distributing our Gah Tea.

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Our local and international projects

Highlighted photos from various country. 
Chiba – Japan | Assam – India | Dubai – UAE | Hongkong | Hainan – China

Our Expert Team

A years of experience shared to bring out the best for our clients.

Md Suib Yatim

Managing Director

Aminah Saad


Assad Ali Khan

Business Development Specialist