This programme is an initiative to promote the used of gaharu/bakhoor among Malaysian especially in mosque and musolla. In Arab country, the used of gaharu for daily used is normal. People widely used it everyday. Our prophet Muhammad SAW used and loves Gaharu and also mentioned it in hadith about the benefits of using it.

So this programme is to introduce gaharu in our culture starting from the heart of our community, MOSQUE. You can be part of this programme by participate as receiver or giver. Each INFAQ set consist of burner (mabkhara), torchgun, bakhoor, 1 box charcoal and refill gas with the value of RM 150.

How to apply as receiver?

  1. Fill in the form to mention which mosque you suggest to get the INFAQ set. Make sure you already discuss with the management so that they are ready to received the set.
  2. When you register, you will get into waiting list.
  3. Once we got the INFAQ set, we will notify you as receiver that we will proceed to send to the mosque mentioned.

How to apply as giver?

  1. Fill in the form as giver.
  2. You can also mentioned which mosque/musolla you would like to dedicate the INFAQ set.
  3. When you register, we will immediately contact you for more details. We will update when the delivery will be arrange.

Terms And Conditions*

This is for our company future references and documentation.

  1. Once the delivery have arrived, we required to the person in charge to send us 3 pictures :
    1. The arrival picture of INFAQ set.
    2. Picture of giving the INFAQ set to the respective Mosque or Musolla.
    3. Picture of using INFAQ set in the Mosque or Musolla.
  2. We required the person in charge to send us these pictures as proof to the INFAQ users that the INFAQ has already arrived and being used well.

For those who would love to participate in our Community Program : INFAQ can fill in the forms below.

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